May 2015 – Kaizen – Continuous Improvement
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Month: May 2015

Apache Drill Setup and Usuage

Apache Drill Setup and Usuage: Install and Configure Apache Drill sqlline> !connect “jdbc:drill:zk=local” Enter username for jdbc:drill:zk=local: admin Enter password for jdbc:drill:zk=local: ***** http://localhost:8047/ SELECT derivedtable.ItemID ,AVG( CAST (derivedtable.TimeSpent AS INTEGER)) AvgTimeSpent FROM ( SELECT rawresponsetime.Time10.`id` ItemID ,rawresponsetime.Time10.`value` `TimeSpent`

TempDB Contention

TempDB contention: TempDB plays very crucial in well performing SQL Server engine. These are few simple design decisions , which helps to avoid the performance bottlenecks in the long run. As a general rule, if the number of logical processors is

Concurrency and Storage Needs

Concurrency and Storage Needs : Requirements: We operate on K-12 Online Summative Market. Our Needs are: When Kids log-in to take the test, they should be able to login without any issues. Should be able to store their responses and

How to handle Perennial statement of “Our Database is SLOW”?

How to handle Perennial statement of ¬†“Our Database is SLOW”? I have been involved with Database and Product Development for a decade in different Verticals. I have heard this statement more than I could count “Database is Slow”,”Database is the