Month: August 2015

Amazon RDS Information

Aurora RDS: AWS Released encryption for Aurora Instances. Encryption is not available as of now.  Amazon RDS Encryption Links Encrypting Amazon RDS Resources You can encrypt your Amazon RDS instances and snapshots at rest by enabling the encryption option for

Random Errors

Putty Fatal Error: Network Error: Software caused connection to abort. PuTTY Fatal Error I worked with CentOS servers from Windows PCs, and I had the same problem with PuTTY. A session didn’t last more than 1-5 minutes. I tried to

MySQL Ramp Up

MYSQL: Add Column to Existing Table and Make it Auto Increment and Add Primary Key Constraint Link : Alter Table and Add Column ALTER TABLE StudentPortalData ADD StudentPortalDataID INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, ADD PRIMARY KEY (StudentPortalDataID); Query Plan and