Month: October 2015

AWS VPC Primer

AWS VPC : VPC are tied a specific Region. You can’t have your VPC span across multiple Regions. Security Groups: Instant Level Security NACL : Subnet Level Access Control VPC-VPC: Throgh VPC Peering CIDR : /16 – First 16 Bits

AWS AURORA RDS – Loading Billion Rows

We do online assessment and reporting for K-12 Education Industry. ( ). We had a need to load 3 through K-12 students historical test reports for entire state for past 10 + years , which ended up being close to billion rows for historical data.

Amazon reInvent 2015 Las Vegas

Highlights: Data Migration Tool – We use aurora and data loading is little more than ¬†walk in the park. Hope this solves our problem. QuickSight –¬†Explore this product for our needs RedShift – See how it can cutdown our Data