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Petition to Support H.R.213

Petition to Support H.R.213 РFairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2015From : Raju Venkataraman 22202 Estate Hill Drive San Antonio TX- 78258To : Congressman San Antonio, TX 78258My Experiences as H1B Visa Worker from IndiaI am Raju Venkataraman, 38 years

Hike List in PNW Area

Hike List from Pacific Northwest Collection of photos from Hiking Trips in Pacific Northwest Area. I have done several hikes in Pacific northwest region. Hopefully this information would be helpful for someone who likes to explore and enjoy pristine pacific

Nissan Murano 2010 Rack and Pinion Cost

Dealership VS Non-Delarship Price I have NISSAN Murano 2010 AWD and I started noticing the Stiffness in power steering. I went to the NISSAN Dealer to Diagnose the problem and they found the Rack and Pinion was leaking. Obviously, the