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MYSQL / AURORA Database Troubleshooting

Number of Connections by Host 

Aurora Max Connections

AWS AURORA RDS – Loading Billion Rows

We do online assessment and reporting for K-12 Education Industry. ( ). We had a need to load 3 through K-12 students historical test reports for entire state for past 10 + years , which ended up being close to billion rows for historical data.

Amazon reInvent 2015 Las Vegas

Highlights: Data Migration Tool – We use aurora and data loading is little more than  walk in the park. Hope this solves our problem. QuickSight – Explore this product for our needs RedShift – See how it can cutdown our Data

Importing and Exporting Data From a MySQL DB Instance

Importing and Exporting Data into Amazon RDS We had a business need to load ~ Billion rows of Data into MySQL or Aurora Database. These are the information I gathered on optimizing load process. Load Data Infile Link to MySQL

MySQL Ramp Up

MYSQL: Add Column to Existing Table and Make it Auto Increment and Add Primary Key Constraint Link : Alter Table and Add Column

Query Plan and Query Profile for Executed Queries

TimeOut Error from MySQL WorkBench: Error Code:

SQL Server or MySQL for our Business Needs?

Business Need: Currently we are in the cross-roads of growing from small-mid sized company to large scale K-12 online Test Delivery and reporting Solution provider. We primarily operate on K-12 Summative Market and its absolutely critical for us  to provide 100 % accuracy

MySQL and phpMyAdmin Setup

MySQL and phpMyAdmin Setup

Errors: # tail -f error.log 2014/03/06 20:11:05 [error] 2833#0: *1 directory index of “/usr/share/phpMyAdmin/” is forbidden, client:, server: localhost, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, host: “” Make sure you have given correct chmod permissions are