AWS Data Pipeline & Load S3 File Into MySQL

Getting started with AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that you can use to automate the movement and transformation of data. With AWS Data Pipeline, you can define data-driven workflows, so that tasks can be dependent on the successful completion of previous tasks.

AWS Data Pipe Line Sample Workflow

AWS Data Pipe Line Sample Workflow

Default IAM Roles

AWS Data Pipeline requires IAM roles to determine what actions your pipelines can perform and who can access your pipeline’s resources.

The AWS Data Pipeline console creates the following roles for you:



Error Message:

Error MessageUnable to create resource for @EC2ResourceObj_2017-05-05T04:25:32 due to: No default VPC for this user (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: VPCIdNotSpecified; Request ID: bd2f3abb-d1c9-4c60-977f-6a83426a947d)


When you look at your VPC, you would notice Default VPC is not configured. While launching EC2 Instance on Data Pipeline, by default it can’t figure out which VPC to use and that needs to be explicitly specified in Configurations

SubNetID for EC2 Resource

SubNetID for EC2 Resource


Default VPC

Default VPC

Build Sample Data Pipeline to Load S3 File into MySQL Table :

Use Cases for AWS Data Pipeline
Setup sample Pipeline in our develop environment
Import Text file from AWS S3 Bucket to AURORA Instance
Send out notifications through SNS to [email protected]
Export / Import Data Pipe Line Definition.


Have MySQL Instance

Access to Invoke Data Pipeline with appropriate permissions
Target Database and Target Table
SNS Notification setup with right configuration

Steps to Follow:
Create Data Pipeline with Name
Create MySQL Schema and Table
Configure Your EC2 Resource ( Make sure EC2 instance has access to MySQL Instance ).
If MySQL instance allows only certain IPS’s and VPC, then you need to configure your EC2 Resource in the same VPC or Subnet.
Configure Data Source and appropriate Data Format ( Notice this is Pipe Delimited File ant CSV File ).
Configure your SQL Insert Statement
Configure SNS Notification for PASS / FAIL Activity.
Run your Pipeline and Troubleshoot if errors occur.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.03.15 PM

Data Pipe Line JSON Definiton:


Create Table SQL :

Errors Encountered:

Quote character must be defined in record format

You can use “TSV” type as your custom format type and provide:

  • “Column separator” as pipe(|),
  • “Record separator” as new line(\n),
  • “Escape Char” as backslash(\) or any other character you wa

errorId : ActivityFailed:SQLException
errorMessage : No value specified for parameter
errorMessage : Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).
errorMessage : Incorrect integer value: ‘FALSE’ for column ‘likesports’ at row 1
Ensure the Table Column Data Type set to correct . By Default MySQL Doesn’t covert TRUE / FALSE into Boolean Data Type.

errorMessage : Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).
errorMessage for Load script: ERROR 1227 (42000) at line 1: Access denied; you need (at least one of) the LOAD FROM S3 privilege(s) for this operation



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