Videos Watched

Videos Watched


October 201

October 20
Meet My Next Guest, Richard M Stallman
October 21
Monitor your infrastructure and analyze operational logs at scale with Azure Monitor – BRK3354
Uncle” Bob Martin – “The Future of Programming
October 29
The Principles of Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin
Docker Networking

November 2018

Bob Martin SOLID Principles of Object Oriented and Agile Design
Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management – Getting Started
November 4
TCP/IP and Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros
November 2o Deep-dive on Kubernetes networking
November 22 Introduction to Wireshark

December 2018

December 9
Microsoft Connect Keyote
December 9
Kubernetes for the ‘klueless’
Brendan Burns
December 9
Five Azure services every developer should know
Andrew Hall, Paul Yuknewicz


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